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[Solved] How to make a grabber?  


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Learn How to make a grabber.


What is grabber?

Grabber is content connect of other site.

Such as: mobilelop.com you can make it in your design.


Primary Tips

1. "Login" or "Register" to waphosts.com

2. Then "Create a new site" or If you have already  created "A new site" then

3. Click on Panel from "Site's List" at home page.


Main Tips

4. Now Click on "Grabber" from Panel. It will bring in Wapkiz.top



5. After coming in wapkiz.top , you need again Login or Register - then Create a new site - Then Go to "Panel" - then Click on Grabber again.


6. Now, Add a site url of which you want to make a grabber. Then replace text. If you want to replace multi text then use, []   example: Horje[]Fotor[]  etc....

and Click on "Ok"


7. Done....


8. Now, Visit/View your site to see result.


Watch on Youtube How to add a link?


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